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Zootopia Review

Zootopia is the latest film by Walt Disney Animation Studios. Obviously, the studio has been on a big renaissance lately after the mega smash of Frozen. However, I’ve been more mixed on Disney’s recent films. Tangled and Wreck-It Ralph are good but not great, Frozen is mixed for me, and I didn’t enjoy Big Hero 6 like a lot of people did. I did not have very high expectations for Zootopia and the trailers didn’t help. That’s why it makes me happy and surprised to say that Zootopia is one of the best films Disney Animation has put out in years.

Zootopia is a fun, adventurous, and loving film which contains a message I’ve yet to see other American animated studios tackle. That message is about racism and stereotypes. It’s about bringing different groups together to make a better world and not tearing them apart. While the ending narration might be a bit preachy, it’s still a wonderful message that is very relevant in today’s political craziness.

A message doesn’t mean anything in a movie if the stories and characters aren’t good. Fortunately, Zootopia has a great story with compelling characters to follow and a world that’s fun to explore. Judy Hopp (rabbit) and Nick Wilde (fox) are likable and interesting characters who benefit from great writing and voice acting by Ginnifer Goodwin and Jason Baetman. In fact, all of the voice acting is great. I particularly like Idris Elba as the police chief and voice acting giant Maurice LaMarche (The Brain, and many voices from Futurama) as a crime boss who bears a resemblance to a certain classic film.

Zootopia is a world that’s fun to look at with every frame. There always seems to be something new to surprise or excite you when you explore the city and how the animals interact with the setting. This is the best looking movie out of all the computer-animated Disney films. The colors are gorgeous, each character has their own unique design, the textures look great, and the movement is vibrant. The movie can even find times to be funny and full of heart.

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